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Being a distributor of watches 18K Ronaldinho is a great deal: you'll be connected to one of the most consumed products in the world next to one of the biggest stars of the football world.

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Ronaldinho Gaúcho is one of the world references in sport. Athlete that enchants the world with his dribbling, plays, achievements, humility and his way of living life. One of the main characteristics of this great player is the speed and accuracy, in addition to the care of the movement of the body at the right speed, without losing any opportunity and using his speed.

The line of watches 18K Ronaldinho carries the attributes of this idol in resistant parts that match any kind of sport and the practical daylife. Ideal for professional or weekend athletes, and people who seek to use quality watches and with the resources needed for your routine.

The worldwide launch of this line of watches delivers to the public the opportunity to use the same clocks that Ronaldinho chose: anywhere he goes, does not abandon his watches 18K Ronaldinho, they are beautiful, practical and serve for any occasion, whether in leisure time or a walk, and even in trainings, where the control of time has always been one of his greatest skills.

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