18k Ronaldinho: Time to be a legend!

18k Ronaldinho: Time to be a legend!

It's time to be a legend! Meet the inspiration for the new collection of men's watches, of the ace Ronaldinho.

The first ten minutes of the day March 21st, 1980, Ronaldinho Gaúcho was born and his path was already written. And is was on that right moment, that this big star born to shine in the football world. Ronaldinho's career on the fields, his numerous victories and achievements have made him an icon of the sport in every corner of the planet!

Among the main features of Ronaldinho on the field, speed and precision, in addition to the care of movements of the body at the right speed, are characteristics of the idol, that is also known for his fantastic dribbling! As speed is one of the most striking features of Ronaldinho, nothing better than a special watch collection to no one lose time!

The special line of watches 18k Ronaldinho 1980 carries the attributes of this idol in resistant parts that match any kind of sport and the practical day-to-day life. The ideal watch for professional and weekend athletes, and people who seek to use quality watches and with resources needed for their routine.

The exclusive watches 18K Ronaldinho 1980 celebrate the birth of this star with the models of men's digital watches: Carbon, Carbon Gold and Helium, elements found in nature that are fundamental to the rise of a star. So do not waste time and also be a legend, accompanied by your favorite model 18k Ronaldinho 1980!

Get to know here the complete collection:

- Carbon Watch - Because carbon is one of the elements that form a star! 
- Carbon Gold Watch - The union of carbon sober tones with a special touch of gold! 
- Helium Watch - One of the essential elements in the formation of a star!

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